Company profile

Company profile

     Company DURAS Group s.r.o. is a renowned company in the Slovak Republik as well as international market with sophisticated solutions, which is experienced, many years evolving and proven team of professionals ready to meet all the requirements and specifications of the investor. The company offers everything for the complete realization. We are able respond flexibility and implement any requirement of the customer.  

     The Company DURAS Group s.r.o. stands for the implementation of a number of buildings in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Past experience has shown that we can enforce in international tenders, as evidenced by our implementation. Operation of our company in the market convinced us that the quality of work and professionalism in the approach of our people is reflected in the confidence of our partners and other evidence of cooperation.

     The company DURAS Group s.r.o. is a modern, dynamically developing company with a team of experienced staff and range of professionally trained, interoperable outsourced companies. The company engaged in fitting, welding and assembly work that constitutes an essential prerequisite in order to satisfy the most discerning client and offer him a comprehensive package of services for the preparation and execution of the works. Timeless mentality of our society, which consists in looking not only for the actual realization of the building, but to a large extent, the orientation of the client, makes it the ideal partner for the realization of works of the 21st century. This approach towards the client's complete satisfaction and guarantee the success of our cooperation.

     And why the company DURAS Group s.r.o.? Answer: in the light of experience and responses from clients we can ensure that we provide you with the cooperation you have not found yet. You can contact us on the phone numbers, email addresses or through the head office of our company and we guarantee you that you will leave us with a sense of satisfaction after the implementation of the administrative decision.

We look forward to future cooperation.
DURAS Group s.r.o.